Multidisiplinary and years of experience are the keys to our team composition

Wahyu Sofiadi

Chief Executive Officer

CEO of PGST since 2016. A seasoned CEO with 16 years experience in the transportation industry, especially in the railway signalling and power system. He held a management postion at the multinational companies before joining PGST. His impressive networking and sharp managerial skills are his strong points in what made him one of the best Indonesia’s in the field of railway industry.

Ade Ahmad Suradi

Chief Finance Officer

CFO of PT PGST since 2017. The last 30 years of his career was spent in Indonesia's defense industry. His expertise in finance management of the defense industry does not need to be questioned. He plays a vital role in the performance of PGST.


Chief Operating Officer

Became COO of PGST since 2020. He is well-known as a reliable and impecable engineer in Indonesia's Defence Industy. He has spent his career in developing and producing PT Pindad's leading products. His education and experience in the last 27 years has contributed much to the bright future of Indonesia's Defense Industry and also in Human Capital Management.