Multidisiplinary and years of experience are the keys to our team composition

Tundjung Inderawan


In terms of tenacity and hard work, the former Director General of Railways at the Ministry of Transportation, Tundjung Inderawan, called into doubted . He was recognized by experts in the field of planning and strategy in the world of transportation. His vision in realizing the security and comfort of users of transportation services, especially trains, never goes out.
In its supervision and direction, PGST is one of the integrated solutions companies in the field of respected land transportation in Indonesia.

Edy Purwanto


In the Indonesian defense world, the name is very well known. He is a career fighter at PT Pindad. His career began from the beginning to reach various division head positions at PT Pindad. He once occupied the position of Head of the Special Vehicle division which gave birth to several superior vehicles used by our TNI like: Anoa and Komodo. Currently besides serving as commissioner of PT PGST, he also occupies the position of VP Sales at PT Pindad, both for the domestic and export markets. In his direction, PT PGST was directed to be one of the companies that had an influence in providing the best solutions for the world of Indonesian defense and security.



Neny joined Pindad in 1993 and immediately excelled in her career track. Her last position before joining PGST was the Caretaker of Chief Finance Officer at PT Pindad Enjiniring Indonesia (PEI).