PIES (Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop) System

PIES® (Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop) system is synonymous to cost effective platform safety solutions for the train industry. PIES® has been around since 1985 – being first successfully installed on the Sky-train in Vancouver, Canada for 20 stations. Since then, PIES® was installed in various countries such as Australia, USA and Malaysia.
PIES® utilize a series of flexible mounted sensor panels located between running rail in front of platforms and attached a proprietary strain sensitive cable BLUCOR® to these sensor panels and developed electronic circuitry to eliminate environmental effects while still detecting human intrusion. The motion sensitive cable, (attached to a series of flexibly mounted, rigid sensor panels located in rows in front of each station platform) generates electronic signals in direct response to any motion applied to the sensor panels.
The signal then will be filtered and monitored for any changes to trigger a notification signal to Train Signaling and Scada via dry contact.